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Herts Hunt Pony Club

Members News


We would like to hear about any members news or achievements - please email words and photos to Caroline/Debbie at

Area Competition Round Up

Wow! What a busy month of competitions we have had at the Area 12 qualifiers.  We entered an Amazing 29 competitors to represent Herts Hunt PC either in a Team or as an Individual, and what a FANTASTIC AREA’S HHPC have had.

SHOW JUMPING Q at Addington Manor – 28th June

Intermediate Team 3rd: Izzy Hoar, Liberty Fogden, Grace Chandor and Emma Killin

Intermediate Individual 3rd for Emma Killin and Qualified for the National Championships

Novice Individual: 1st for Amelia Fogden and Qualified for National Championships


Novice Team 3rd: Amelia Fogden, Mae Lindsell, Emma Killin and Phoebe Heath

Novice Individuals: Amelia Fogden 5th, Emma Killin 2nd, Phoebe Heath 7th

PRIX CAPRILLI         : Annie Andrews 3rd and Izzy Johnston 6th

TETRATHLON Q AND TRIATHLON at Milton Keynes/Off church bury

Intermediate Girls Tet:  Liberty Fogden, best shoot and 4th , Qualified for National Champs

Junior Girls Tet: Emma Killin 2nd  , Qualified for National Championships

Junior Girls Tri: Lily Boden 1st and Alice Elliott 2nd

EVENTING Q at Offchurch Bury

Intermediate Individual: Liberty Fogden 2nd , Qualified for National Championships


Lewis Janes, Kristian Lindsay, Sian Kalabza, Alice Elliott, Trixie Heath, Fiona Elliott, (Novice Show Jumping)

Cass Carter, Izzy Englestrom, Sasha Wilkinson(Prix Caprilli) 

Amelia Fogden & Anna Stone (Novice Eventing)



Alex & Marvin
We went to Leighton Buzzard and standbridge show yesterday. Although the weather was terrible Alex was jumping and involved in the in hand showing.  

His first class was the pole poppers which is 1ft jumps which he went clear and then came 1st after the jump off. He then went into the happy hurdlers which is 1ft 3inch jumps but unfortunately he fell off and got eliminated.

We had to wait about 3 hours for his in hand class which was the best young handler, and he was in the younger section as the class is split and he came 1st which he was very happy about. This meant he went into the in hand championship and against all the other winners he won the in hand championship and got a gold Rosette for it. He went into the supreme championship but was not placed. 

This was Marvin's first show and he was very well behaved considering we got there at 8.30am and did not leave till 3pm. Very good and successful day.  

Andrew Bland 


Show Report- -Bicester and Warden Hill 8th March 2015

A Great turnout for Herts Hunt Members at the Bicester and Warden Hill PC Show Jumping at Addington Manor on the 8th March.,we had a total of 13 members jumping  across the classes.

Great results for our Mini Teams jumping outside:

55cm: Maggie L ,Grace K and Izzy J – Team 4th Izzy J Individual 4th

65cm :Maggie, Grace, Seb W and Danielle W – Maggie Individual 4th

75cm:Seb, Grace, Izzy and Danielle – Team 4th Izzy Individual 6th

Well Done to our Intermediate and Seniorriders who had successJumping in the Indoor Arena over the more challenging courses.

Amelia, Lewis, Trixie, Lou Lou and Phoebe all put in a valiant effort jumping‘UP’ a class for the first time.

Our Placed riders were

85cm Jasmine Gutsell– individual 3rd

95cm Liberty Fogden – individual 5th

1.00m Emma Killin – individual 6th




Ginny Elliot Clinic

On the 5th of August, Chucky, Mum and I made way to Primrose Hill Cross Country Course at Gawcott for an hour and a half’s training session with Olympic coach and former European eventing champion, Ginny Elliot.

When Ginny arrived, we told her our names and what level we competed at. I told her that I was doing Aston Le Walls BE and she told me all about it quickly. We warmed up our horses/ponies and then Ginny popped us over a couple of fences. We then threaded a few jumps together, the last one being a trakhener. We were asked where we thought we were supposed to look when approaching it, and the majority of us said beyond it, however Ginny said look AT the fence, she used the example of a tennis player and if they looked beyond the ball... they would completely miss! Next Ginny set us off on a mini course consisting of a corner, a step up/ down and a step up to a rail. Another participant on the group of 5 said that she had been having problems with corner fences so Ginny soon stepped in to help! She told us that when jumping corners across country we must create an imaginary line on the fence of the part you are going to jump, and beyond the fence of what angle you are going to approach it on. She also taught us to choose an object in the distance to line yourself up with in order to get straight and a good stride to produce a good jump. At the step up and rail fence (which Ginny was very excited about!) we were asked again, where we would look if a question like this came up in a course, again people mostly said beyond it or the rail fence after the step. We were wrong! Ginny explained that if you look at the first element of the combination (the step up) and focus on it, the one stride to the rail would come nicely because the jump up the step was good, which she then reminded us of the many problems the owl hole combination at Badminton Horse Trials caused because the riders were focusing too much on the Owl hole and not the step beforehand.

Then lastly, we did a bigger course to finish, consisting of a ditch with a palisade fence, a hanging log, a combination of a rail to a ditch to a rail, a log pile, a roll top and the water complex which a few horses were having a wobbly at! Ginny told us all that the palisade was bigger and had a giant ditch, so she said to me, to keep my leg on him and even if I thought he was taking off to jump... that I shouldn’t believe it – because the bigger and scarier the fence, the more the horse should naturally back off and use his hind to produce a bigger jump. At the end of the session, mum went to talk to Ginny about the bit we had Chucky in for Cross country and what her opinions were on it and she told us she thought it was a nice bit and helped to keep him back on his hind end to lift himself more and she gave us more useful advice about the bit.

I would like to thank Ginny for a great lesson and I will certainly be using the tips and tricks when we compete at Aston Le Walls on Saturday! I would also like to say a big thank you to Kirsty and Herts Hunt PC for selecting me for the clinic, and a very big thank you to Mr & Mrs Strangman for hosting the clinic - and the tasty homemade muffins and orange juice afterwards!

Click link below for this report plus photos

Ginny Elliot Clinic and Photos



Oakley Hunt West PC Show at Easter - our team were 4th in the 50cm Class.


Amelia and Bob - the Team were 5th in the 70cm Class.


Grafton PC Hunter Trials in May - Trixie and Amelia were 3rd in the Pairs.


Isabel was 5th in the Area12 Novice horse trials at MKEC on Sunday 13th July 2014.