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Herts Hunt Pony Club

Three Rally Rule for Camp & Areas


Herts Hunt Pony Club

The basis of the three rally rule is a ruling set out by The Pony Club not HHPC in order to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of attending events such as  Area  12 competitions, other PC team competitions and camp  to prevent members joining solely with a view to taking part in PC  competitions or going to  camp.   Pony Club offers much, much more than this.


What constitutes a Working Rally ?

A working rally is mounted instruction that is open to EVERY member of the club. Specialised training clinics, team practices coaching sessions limited to select members do not qualify as a Working rally.

Herts Hunt PC Working / General Rallies run from October at Warehill EQ, Totternhoe through to & including our Spring & Summer Rallies at the field to the end of August.

These will be ADVERTISED in the Event Planners as a “ GENERAL RALLY “ as opposed to a clinics or training sessions.


Members must be actively  involved with  the club and it  is compulsory for both the  member & their horse / pony that they want to compete on at the above competitions   attend a minimum of 3 working / general rallies through out the winter / spring / summer months. We will expect members to join in with more than 3 rallies as we hold at least 20 rallies for our members during qualifying period which runs from 1st July – 29th June. However one of these rallies must be in the current year.  Attendance at HHPC Camps can count as a maximum of one rally.

  All records of member’s attendance are kept on our files, so that we can check that riders have for filled the requested number of rallies.  


Area 12 qualifiers ie: dressage, show jumping, horse trials, tetrathlon, polocrosse & other non qualifying PC team competitions.

These competitions are open to all members & their horses / ponies that the member wants to compete on in the above competitions.  It is compulsory that both  the horse / pony & the rider have attended at least 3 working / general rallies, plus the rider is a fully paid up member of the Herts Hunt Pony Club for this year & joins or renews their membership for next year by no later than the  31st January. 


 I am sure that you all appreciate that it would be unfair for a member who has fully participated in the club’s programme of activities to be denied a place on a team or at camp by a member who has not managed to meet the criteria above.


Equally, I have to personally sign to say that all members of the Area teams & individuals have completed 3 rallies and also have been a fully paid up member of the Herts Hunt PC since 31st January. If this is found not to be the case then that member would be automatically eliminated from the competition.  This could impact a team result.


Obviously we do appreciate that sometimes there are exceptional circumstances and these will be considered sympathetically at the DC’s discretion.