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Herts Hunt Pony Club

PC Activities


Pony Club is a great way to make new friends, learn new things and have more fun than anyone knew was possible! This is what we get up to:


Achievement badges

All age groups are catered for with Pony Club achievement badges.

These cover quite a lot of different subjects to do with horse & pony care including grooming, saddlery, tack cleaning, field care, etc. plus non pony related subjects such as wildlife, trees, birds, stars, knots etc. The full list of badges can be found at We aim to include at least one badge session for members to attend on each planner and of course we include some at camp each year.



Pony Club offers members a chance to take graded tests which includes a riding section & Horse& Pony care section. These tests encourage members to learn good stable management skills alongside increased awareness when riding. Each level has its own syllabus which our instructors follow during training sessions. At the higher levels monthly training sessions are offered on our planners to assist members to build knowledge and skills ready for testing.


Ride & Road Safety test -  this is a very important part of training these days with the roads being so busy. This test is required to enable members to take the C+ test.


Rally Activities.

We organise a mix of ridden rally’s to offer all members the opportunity to obtain training in the three main ridden disciplines - Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country. These will be found on each planner alongside fun rally’s which have an emphasis on games and laughter! All age groups and ability levels are catered for unless otherwise stated. Ridden groups are organised by our chief instructor to aim for each member to be in a group which comfortably allows them to challenge themselves. Rally times and groups can be found on the website two days before the rally on the ‘rally times’ tab.


Pony Club competitions

Throughout the year members have the chance to compete for the branch at a range of competitions. Some of these are team competitions where members are able to form a team alongside competing as an individual. Our team manager Debbie Fogden sends out regular updates on any such opportunities and we encourage all members to give this a go as having the support of others around you can be a great comfort when going out to compete for those first few times. We try and collect the schedules for such shows together and have them on our website for easy access check out the ‘other pc shows’ tab.


Social events

BBQ’s, Bowling, Awards Night and Olympia trips are all part of our pony club life, we enjoy having fun off our ponies as well as on them!


If you have any questions about what we do at Pony Club get in touch with any committee member who will be more than happy to help.