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Herts Hunt Pony Club

Horse & PonyTurnout & Riders Dress Code Rules



         Your horse/pony should be well groomed, clean mane and tail, If your pony lives out, we will understand it is not always easy to get them really clean.

         Tack should be clean: numnahs and girths to be black, white, navy or brown.

*    Rider’s turnout: HHPC red polo shirt / collared  white or blue shirt / roll necked jumper. HHPC sweatshirts to be worn over the top. Jodhpurs: Beige or dark colours. Not PINK.

*  Riding hats  Please see hat regulations.

     Silks for skull hats must be  black, navy or brown please.

         Footwear: long riding  boots or jodhpur boots with  a thin, smooth or slightly gripping soles such as the Ariat leather short boots are allowed. But not mucker stable boots, wellingtons, trainers or any other style of boot with a thick heavy ruff tread on the sole. This is for safety sake. Black toe stopper ( Dapps ) attachments can be worn on the stirrups. Chaps:  plain black or brown half chaps to match. No fringes.

*    Long Hair must  be tied back securely and  in a hair net.

      Short hair in a hair net if possible please.

General Points

Coloured jodhpurs are more practical for riding then beige. Please try to wear sensible colours No bright PINK jodhpurs allowed at pony club.


Free working rallies

Turnout of horse & rider will be marked and points gained over several free rallies held during the year, these will go towards the Hardtop trophy which is awarded at the end of the year.

Dress code for rider:

Riders must wear a hacking jacket, or black / navy jacket. White or blue shirt, PC tie & badge on jacket lapel. Beige jodhpurs. Long rubber / leather riding  boots., or jodhpur boots brown or black  in colour. Chaps can worn plain black or brown. No fringes please. Riding hat / skull hat with black, brown or navy silk. Hair must be tied back & in a hairnet.

Horse & pony turnout:

Saddle & bridle must be clean, stirrups polished. Numnahs and girths to be black, white, navy or brown.

Your horse or pony must be well groomed, clean mane & tail. No need to plait.

Unmounted Stable managements, visits & Achievement badge sessions

Trousers or jodhpurs, sensible foot wear ie. Jodhpur boots or similar.  Red polo T shirts / roll neck jumpers or white / blue shirt and tie  with  your HHPC sweatshirt. Jackets HHPC black jackets or sensible jacket.



         Body protectors are compulsory.

         HHPC sweatshirts with either long sleeved shirt or Red Polo shirt. ( Arm must be covered at all times)

         Your cross-country coloured jumpers & silks are also allowed to be worn.

         Horse’s/pony’s legs may be protected by brushing boots or bandages secured with tapes.

         Riding Hats:  crash hat with a soft / flexible peak must be worn for safety reasons. Coloured silks black, brown, navy or a non wild colour.       

    Please see riding hat Regulations page

         Compulsory to wear Medical armbands

         Long Hair must be tied back & drawn into a bun. All hair should be worn in a hairnet for safety reasons & tidiness.



 Body protectors: It would be sensible to wear them for all jumping instructions, but is compulsory for cross country instruction,and the cross country phase of Horse Trials and Hunter Trials.

Pony Club Rules on the wearing of Spurs

Spurs may be worn at Rallies and other events only with the permission of the District Commissioner. Members without the B Test should carry proof of this permission. 



 These are made up of a booklet contend in a plastic wallet which is worn on the rider’s arm. This is filled in by the parent giving important information about their daughter / son which would be essential to a First Aid person / emergency crew should there be an accident. 

The HHPC committee would like  medical armband to be worn at all cross country instructions. If a rider comes without their parents to any ridden instruction, they must wear a medical armband. As in the event of a riding accident where the parent is not in attendance this information will be very useful.

Pony club rules state: these are compulsory for  Cross country competitions, Hunter Trials and One Day Events. Some members already have the armbands, other will need to buy one. This is a one off cost: 3.25p each. ( unless you lose it! )These will be on sale at the instruction rallies.


This Rule ( taken from Pony Club year book 2007 ) applies to all Pony Club mounted activities. For safety reasons, no jewellery  (incuding “sleepers” ) may be worn, other than a wristwatch, stock pin worn horizontally, or a tie clip. Branch members who are contemplating piercing their ears or any part of their body should be aware that they will not be allowed to participate in Pony Club mounted activities until such time as the “sleepers” can be safely removed.


Check List for Horse Shows & Competitions

Created by Karen Mustoe (experienced PC Mum)

Show Jumping

Rider                                             Pony / Horse

Hair net ( several )                      Groomed and clean

Gloves  ( matching pair)               Clean tack-

Show jacket                                including bridle, martingale,

Approved Riding hat                    flash, girth & saddle.

Half chaps                                   Bits, reins

White Shirt & tie                        Numnah

Cream / white Jods                     Brushing boots

Clean riding boots!                      Over reach boots

 Whip                                         Spare tack for emergences


Cross Country / Hunter trials

Rider                                                      Horse / Pony

Cross country colours ( sweat shirt)   Same as Show jumping

Skull hat with coloured silk to match

Medical armband

Clean riding boots

Half chaps

Gloves & whip

Hair net

Spare clothes in case fall in water!


Dressage Competitions


        Rider                                    Horse / Pony

       Show jacket                          Groomed & clean

       White shirt                           very clean tack:

       PC tie / stock & pin               Bridle with plain browband

       Cream / beige Jods               No martingale

       Clean polished boots             Snaffle bits

       Approved riding hat              Plain numnah

            ( Tagged )                        (No trimmings or piping at all)

       Gloves & hairnet                   Chalk block to cover stains

       PC badge                               Plaited mane

       Schooling whip                       & spare needle & thread


       Mum / Dad                                    Essentials for Equines

    Petrol in the car                           Water & bucket

    Plenty of cash!                              Feed or Treats

    Thermos, drinks                            Aids for loading

    Sandwiches, chocolates                 Lunge line

    Deck chairs                                   Travel gear

    Sun cream / umbrella                    Sweat rug / warm rug

    Map & directions                           Grooming Kit

    Mobile phone plenty of credit        Haynet with hay

    Coats, jumpers, wellingtons            Spare tack & girth

    Sense of humour & patience          


Riding hat regulations

It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet manufactured to one of the minimum standards listed below. It must bear the CE mark and a quality symbol, either the BSI Kitemark, the SAI Global symbol or the official Snell label with number.  The CE symbol on its own is not sufficient to ensure consistent standard of manufacture. The PAS 015:1998 and the Snell E2001 meet higher impact criteria and therefore give more protection.


PAS 015:1998 or EN 1384:1996

BS EN 1384:1997

With the BSI Kitemark

Snell E2001 with the official Snell label and number

AS/NZS 3838 1998 or

AS/NZS 3838 2003


NB The prefix ‘ BS’  on the EN 1384 standard does not mean that the hat has undergone batch testing by the British Standards Institute- the hat must contain the BSI Kitemark as well.

Hats must be worn when mounted (this includes at prize-giving) with a chin strap fastened at all times. Hats with vertical plastic / metallic strips are permitted.

All hats should be tagged with official pony club label


The Official Steward / Organiser may, at his discretion, eliminate a competitor riding in the area of the competition without a hat or with the chinstrap unfastened or a hat that does not comply with these standards.


Children under 9 years old.

Medical advice is that children’s neck muscles do not develop adequately to support a fairly heavy helmet until the age of nine. Therefore it maybe appropriate for children under years of age to wear a lightweight hat made to comply with above requirements.


Hats with long ventilation slits are not allowed for any members to wear at pony club.


Hat Checks and Tagging.

 Hat checks will be done from time to time at rallies, all hats should have an official PC tag on them which can only be done by the D.C or a committee member who is familiar with the hat rules. If you buy a new hat please make sure you get it rechecked & tagged. It is considered to be the responsibility of the Member’s parent or guardian to ensure that their hat complies with required standards and is tagged before they go to any Pony Club event. Also to ensure that the manufacturer’s guidelines with regard to fit and replacement are followed.


Shows & Competitions


Dressage  Competitions

  - Rider dress code as for Free rallies

  - PC ties or Cream or white stock

  - Horse / pony smart & clean.

  - Manes preferably  plaited


  - Jumping classes as for free rallies                                                                   

  -  Showing classes as for free rallies     

  - Ponies / horses plaited

     with the exception of native breeds

     manes can be left unplaited.

Hunter trials

       - Dress code for cross country instruction rallies

       - Body protectors & medical armbands are compulsory.

       - Beige colour jodhpurs, not coloured

Endurance Ride competitions

Rider & horse as for ridden instruction rallies

Triathlon competitions

Competitors as for unmounted activities

Pony Club Tests

Dress code as Free Rallies


Area 12 competitions

 - All riders must be smartly dressed

 - white shirt,

 - PC tie & PC badge on jacket lapel

 - Tweed, black or navy jacket.

 - Beige jodhpurs

 - Gloves

 - Approve riding hat (PC tagged) & hair net

 - Leather or rubber long riding boots or short jodhpur boots

 - Leather or suede chaps in black / brown colour to match boots


Area 12 Competition for Horse / pony turnout

   - They should be well groomed,

   - Manes & tails clean.

   - Manes plaited



Black or brown  leather tack

Numnahs: plain white, black or navy

No different coloured piping.

No embroidered pictures or sponsorship motifs

Although numnahs can have the PC logo embroidered on.


Most Area 12 competitions have a Tack & turnout competition