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Herts Hunt Pony Club

Ride & Road Safety


Training for the Riding & Road Safety Achievement Badge


It is recommended that all candidates receive a minimum of 5 hours training before being put forward for the Achievement Badge. We suggest that you base your training around the information found in the Junior Road Rider book published by the Pony Club.


At the end of training we would expect candidates to be able to demonstrate to the examiner that they can:

         Dress themselves and their ponies correctly for riding on the road

         Carry out the necessary checks before riding (tack shoes etc)

         Recognise and talk about common signs, road markings and the sequence of traffic lights

         Describe and demonstrate on the simulated road route the “four point routine”

         Be able to ride safely around a simulated road route that has a minimum of 3 left turns, 3 right turns, a Stop and a Give Way sign, a hazard, traffic lights and the opportunity to show a short trot.

         Show that they can dismount, lead and remount correctly. (Leading from the offside)



Session 1         Theory Training (including Video)

                        What to wear

                        Dismounted Signalling, the four point routine, and other signals e.g. thank you

                        Recognition of at least 6 Signs and associated road markings



Session 2         Review Session 1

                        Checks to be carried out (horse tack and rider)

                        General positioning on the road, defensive riding and riding in pairs

                        Mounted signalling practice

                        Emergency dismount, lead and remount


Session 3         Review session 1 & 2

                        Mounted signalling practice

                        Introduction to riding stop and give way junctions

                        Traffic lights

Simple roundabouts


Session 4         Review session 1, 2 & 3

                        Mounted practice riding a simulated route containing some or all

aspects required for the test


Session 5         Final training session

                        Mounted practice riding a simulated road route that contains

all the hazards etc found in the test (see above)



Sources of reference: Reading Material for Instructors and Candidates


Instructor: The Highway Code & The British Horse Society Riding and Roadcraft Manual

Candidate: Junior Road Rider


Sources of reference: Video


                        Ride Safely (Pony Club Video)

                        Horsesense Roadcraft for the Rider (BHS Video)