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Herts Hunt Pony Club

Camps 2006


Milton Keynes Event Centre

This year’s summer camp was once again a great success.The evening entertainment was superb. We started the week with Karen Potten’s excellent quiz. On Monday Jeannine March demonstrated western riding on her competition horse.  This was quite a sight to behold with spinning turns, lassoing, galloping and stopping dead – amazing! On Tuesday we had a very informative talk by Caroline Briggs on long distance endurance riding. Wednesday evening started with the team captains and vices give out prizes. This was followed by karaoke and a  water bomb fight!  One event marred the week, the theft of several member’s tack by persons unknown.  What was amazing to see was how the members and their parents rallied round to bus in extra tack and offer each other support. The members were all really brave and carried on as usual; by lunch time the next day everybody was back in the saddle with the minimum of disruption.  It was a great example of true Pony Club spirit.  A big thank you must go to Tamsin Luff who was our stable manager. This year she had to inspect 50 sets of tack and 50 stables every day!!  Anna Stone was of great assistance to Tamsin. A big thank you as well to all the parents who came up either during the day or stayed over night; without your help camp wouldn’t happen. The musical rides were excellent again this year with music and costumes from Peter Pan, Bay Watch and the Wedding March. Japes Michalski kindly brought up a proper

sound system and speakers so that

riders and spectators could hear the

music. Diane Hunt DC

Camp Presentation Results 2006

Most Improved Rider to be chosen from each instruction group.

Simon Roffey:  Nicole Glover

Chris Thompson: Vicky Smith

Beverley Carr: Charlotte Hopkins-Dann & Becky Robson

Katherine Gardener: Georgia Garlick

Janeen Shepherd: Zak Michalski

Angela Ridger–Taylor: Sophie Vaughan

Vicky Mann: Jenny Potten

Stephanie Soskins: Stephanie Gibbins

Jane Oeppen: Debbie Potten   

The Cooper Cup for the most improved rider with potential for the future:Olivia Palmer

Camp Spirit Trophies For the most helpful camper, top stable yard: Natasha Harding, field stables: Rosanna Spence & Libby Daniels.

Newcomers Cup For a 1st time rider who survived all aspects of camp life. Sarah Thompson

Bravery Award Trophy: Natalie Jepson & Maple

Team Combined training


1st  Turquoise

2nd  Blue.

3rd  Lilac

4th  Red

5th  Gold

6th  Pink

Stable groups team competition.

Points are gained throughout the five days for turnout of horse & rider, stables & tack.

The Munn Plate awarded to the Red

stable team 1st 1084.4 REDS:  Debbie

Potten, Abi Mustoe, Debbie Daniels,

Harriet Price,Michele Orchard, Sarah

-Jane Lee, Sarah Taylor, Ellie Mitchell and

 Victoria Smith.

2nd 1050.2 LILAC Kat Daniels, Natasha

Harding, Leah Garvey, Lorna Chambers,

Oliver Rowling, Kayla Bryant, Zak Michalski,

and Emma Stone.

3rd 1045.6 TURQUOISE: Caroline Bellin

Olivia Palmer, Sarah Jenkins, Sarah

Thompson,  Nicole Glover, Abi Ruff,

Tsarin Pike and Sophie Gibbs.

4th 1034.8 PINK:Sarah Begley, Alex Morris, Emily Humphreys, Natalie Jepson,Sophie Vaughan, Jessica Bradding, Katie Brown

and Louise Hunt.

5th 1031.1 GOLD: Libby Daniels, Stephanie Gibbins, Hannah Richardson, Becky

Robson, Jenny Potten, Victoria Smith,

Hannah Mustoe, Holly and Jessica Fraser.

6th 1027.4 BLUE: Katie Bennitt, Rosanna Spence, Sophie Richardson, Charlotte

Hopkins-Dann, Eleanor Humphreys,

Georgia Garlick, Izzie Fernandes and

Lucinda Alderson.


Mini Camp

This year we had 16 of our younger members attend with instruction from Katherine Gardener, Janeen Shepherd & Kat Daniels. The event included instruction,  combined training competition and a handy pony course. The weather was very kind and everyone enjoyed themselves. A big thank you to Debbie Fogden and Kate Michalski for letting us use the field and facilities and organising the event.  Thanks also goes to the members who gave up their time to come up and help.

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