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Herts Hunt Pony Club

Code of Conduct and Tack & Dress Code


Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians






The Pony Club is a voluntary youth organisation for young people within an equestrian environment.  The Pony Club’s purpose is:

-          To encourage young people to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with ponies and riding,

-          To give instruction in riding and horsemanship and to educate Members to look after and take proper care of their animals,

-          To promote the highest levels of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline.


The Pony Club is a volunteer organisation and depends on parents and guardians to help. Fairness should take precedence over competitiveness. Teaching by example will foster caring and respect for all.


Parents / Guardians should therefore:

         Be a positive role model for my child and other Members by respecting coaches, officials, volunteers and leaders; their authority and decisions; the rules and regulations under which The Pony Club operates.

         Agree to discuss disputes / appeals at a suitable, agreed time with the correct officials, within the appropriate level of The Pony Club organisation, without resorting to hostility or violence.

         Always remember that Pony Club activities are intended to be educational, safe and fun to benefit the Members rather than parents.

         Respect the horses and ponies and show humane care for them at all times.

         Respect the property and equipment used in any activities, considering safety uppermost in all situations

         Be knowledgeable about the rules of the discipline or competition their child is taking part in and encourage their child to know, be familiar with, and follow these rules.

         Promote the physical and emotional well-being of their child, other Members and horses ahead of any personal desire to win or succeed in any activity.

         Teach their child that taking part, learning and showing sportsmanship in all competitions, testing situations, clinics, etc are more important than winning.

         Praise all Members equally for trying hard and competing fairly.

         Inform officials as soon as possible if they or their child is unable to fulfil commitments or attendance at events.

         Help their child and others to understand the satisfaction of co-operation, group work and team spirit in achieving personal goals and growth, and good results.

         Volunteer their services and skills, whether equine-related or not, whenever possible.


Parents / Guardians should not:

         Force their child or other Members to take part in activities with which they are not comfortable.

         Disrespect the decisions of coaches / officials concerning the skills and abilities of their child or other Members.

         Undermine the authority of coaches / officials by interfering with, or coaching any Members from the sidelines.

         Dispute the decisions of coaches / officials and volunteers during an event or in front of their child, other Members or parents.

         Engage in or condone unsportsmanlike behaviours such as booing, taunting, using profane language, refusing to congratulate winners, etc.


Rider’s dress code rules


 Dress code for all ridden rallies & instructions;

 Herts Hunt PC Red polo shirts

 Dark or beige jodhpurs ( No pink colours )

 HHPC  black zipped sweat shirt / black sweatshirt.

 HHPC black or red fleece.

 Coat should be short & suitable for riding in.

Black or Brown long boots or Jodphur boots with matching black or brown chaps.

No Mucker or  All terrain type of boot with chunky soles.

 No Wellington boots or trainers are allowed to worn when mounted.

 All girl’s hair must be in hairnet.

 Riding hats must be worn at all times when mounted with the chin strap done up.

  No Jewellery or earings


 For XC instruction or competitions:

 Dress code as above & including:

 It is compulsory for all riders to wear body proctors.

 Riding hat without a hard peak.

 Medical arm band.

 No hoodies.

 No Jewellery or earings

 All hair must be tied back & in a hairnet for safety reasons.

 Good idea to have a neck strap or martingale on your horse or pony.


 Stable management  training & achievement badge sessions

 HHPC red polo shirts.

 Black Zipped sweatshirt.

 Black or Red Fleece.

 Long  Trousers.

 Suitable foot wear for working round horses.

 No open toed shoes or sandals.

 Girl’s hair should be tied back & tidy. 



  Riding Hats must comply with Pony Club standards:

The hats must bear the CE mark and a quality symbol, either the BSI Kitemark, the SAI Global symbol or the official Snell label with number.

The CE symbol on its own is not sufficient to ensure consistent standard of manufacture.

 The PAS 015:1998 and the Snell E2001 meet higher impact criteria and are therefore more protective.

 For Cross Country riding ( over fences 0.80cms high & above ) a jockey skull hat with no fixed peak, must be worn.

It is also strongly recommended that the jockey skull hat is worn for XC riding & jumping even over lower fences.

 All hats  must carry the  Kitemark and CE and  either PAS 015: 1998 or BS EN 1384:1997 or EN 1384:1996

E2001 Snell  symbol and CE and E2001 & the official Snell no.

 It is really important that the riding hats fit correctly.

  If you buy a new hat please make sure you get it checked & tagged.



 Hat checks and Tagging

 The Branch D.C. & the instructors with carry out hat checks during rallies. All riders must have their riding hats checked & tagged.  Other pony clubs will not allow riders to compete if their riding hat doesn’t have the  official PC hat tag.



 This Rule applies to all pony club mounted activities. For safety reasons, no jewellery ( including sleepers ) must be worn, other then a wrist watch.

  No earings:   Any member who is contemplating piecing their ears, should be aware that they are not allowed to ride or compete until such time as the sleepers can safely be removed. 



 Spurs may only be worn by full B test holders or with the permission of the D.C.

   All members  must carry a signed membership  spur card at other PC competitions & Area Qualifiers & Championships, as at  Tack & turnout  checks – you will be asked for proof of permission.

 Only blunt spurs without rowels or sharp edges should be worn. If the spur is curved, the curve must be pointing down wards and the shank (measurement of spur from heel edge  to point) should not exceed 3.5 cm in length. Spurs that have smooth rotating balls in metal or plastic on shank are permitted.



 Black or brown tack

 Numnahs: Plain white, black or navy. No different coloured piping.

 No  embroidered pictures or sponsorship motifs on.

  Only numnahs with the PC logo on are allowed at other PC shows.

 Please check your tack regularly to make sure the stitching is in good order on bridles, stirrup leathers, girth straps & girths.

 Both saddles & bridles should fit correctly for the comfort of your horse or pony. 



 Contact: Branch Secretary -  Cathy Chambers if you want to purchase HHPC clothing.

See website for sizes & prices.

 Cathy:  or mob: 07754733775

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